Mysore at Amara Yoga & Arts

I've been receiving a lot of questions about the Mysore program at Amara Yoga & Arts and so I have compiled this info to help answer those questions. This is an incredible opportunity to enrich your practice of Ashtanga Yoga and I hope many of you will take advantage of it going forward.


What is Mysore?

Mysore is a style of practicing in the Ashtanga yoga tradition. Named after the birth place of the lineage in India, Mysore classes are a powerful way for practitioners to get individualized help from teachers while enjoying the benefits of practicing with a group. These classes are in an un-led 'free time' format with one or two teachers present to give adjustments and help students learn the series and progress deeper into their study of Ashtanga Yoga.


Who should attend Mysore classes?

Mysore classes are open to anyone looking to learn the Ashtanga method although students should have some familiarity with the Ashtanga Primary Series sequence before attending a Mysore class (attending several guided classes beforehand will suffice). No need to have the series memorized as new students will be provided with a practice sheet and a lot of help from the teacher.


Why Mysore?

Mysore is the traditional method for learning the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. It is an efficient and powerful vehicle for students to explore the postures with one-on-one help from a teacher. The benefit of memorizing the sequence and going pose by pose is both empowering and enlightening for a practitioner. Mysore class are often where students learn the most about both the practice and their own interpretation of it. 


What to expect in a Mysore class.

Because this style is self paced, students may arrive anytime within the two hour window and begin their practice then. The opening chant will occur sometime within the first half an hour. New students will be provided with a practice sheet and extra help from the teacher. Because Ashtanga Yoga is a progressive system meant to build pose upon pose in a safe way, every student will be stopped at whichever posture they cannot complete well enough to move to the next posture (a decision made between student and teacher) and be given time and options to workshop that pose one on one with the teacher. 


When are Mysore classes held at Amara?

Mysore class is 3-5 PM on Fridays. You can come anytime within that two hour window.


Questions about class format or whether or not Mysore is right for you?