Finding a comfortable seat

Lotus (padmasana) is the quintessential yoga pose. If you ask someone off the street to call to mind an image of a yogi, they will often think about someone sitting in lotus. But the truth is, not all yogis practice padmasana. In fact, not all yogis should practice lotus! 

For many yogis, with time and right technique, lotus will become accessible eventually. For some, it will never happen. And that's OK. Yoga isn't about making the right shape. I often tell my students they won't receive a gold star for touching their toes, or putting their legs in lotus. Because this is such an iconic yoga pose, I often come across students that want to force it. They want to do it right and perfectly immediately and I can tell you that this is the fast track to injury. 

Finding lotus (or your version of it) will be a life long process for many, and even those of us who can sit with our legs tucked up upon one another are constantly refining the movement to make it safer and more useful. That being said, there is merit and benefit to trying

The key motions involved in lotus are a deep knee bend and deep external hip rotation. Along with pretty mobile ankles, a general mobile pelvis and strong spine, this posture can be practiced with great benefit and regularity. 

During my workshop "Finding a Comfortable Seat", we will be examining these motions as well as learning preparatory exercises to create the mobility necessary. We will also be examining alternative comfortable seated positions. There truly is a version of this posture for every body, and finding the version that suits your current body best will allow for greater freedom within your practice and should alleviate any stress you might experience when the teacher says "find a comfortable seat". 

Join me on February 21st from 1-3 PM at Amara Yoga & Arts for this two hour workshop. 

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