Ep. 2: Riots, Not Diets!

Michelle and Kelsey sit down to talk about being brought up in dance culture, separating health from size and appearance, fatphobia, the capitalism of diet culture and tips for improving your body image. Kelsey shares why she's done dieting forever and Michelle shares great ideas on being a thin ally. You won't find any fitspo here, but you will start to question your thoughts on bods!

Tons of ideas and inspiration for this episode came from the “She’s All Fat” podcast, we can’t thank them enough.

Also, Kelsey’s friend Jamie, a Fat Liberation Activist was a huge inspiration and here are a list of instagram accounts she recommended to follow to help you understand fat liberation and true body positivity!

@rozthediva @readytostare @mynameisjesamyn

@themilitantbaker @comfyfattravels @ushshi

@fatgirlflow @sonyareneetaylor @virgietovar

@smartglamour @shooglet @radicalbodylove

@decolonizing_fitness @ihartericka @nolatrees

@fatfolkscan @fatwomenofcolor @iamdaniadriana

@bodyposipanda @nalgonapositivitypride